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Over the years, ASF Enterprise has accrued exhaustive knowledge regarding restoration of interiors and exteriors, villas, residences, historic buildings, and many works of great historic architectural importance. Special mention goes to the reconstruction of the Saint Andrew and Saint Alexander halls of the Great Kremlin Palace of Moscow, proud evidence of the company's experience and project skills. The company has benefited from the contribution of qualified and skilled workers, always flanked by technical and artistic consultants with a common objective: obtain high-quality results in respect of the historic and artistic values these assets represent. Every job is faced with soundness and professionalism and become expressions of a wealth of skills studied and experienced, and dialogues and joint efforts involving clients, designers, and Superintendencies. One of the fundamental phases of the work is analysis of degradation, carried out on-site and in laboratory to ascertain the composition of the original materials and their state of preservation. Afterwards the real restoration project is planned, it will guide the actual intervention works that will be constantly checked and documented. The realisation techniques range from selection of materials according to the characteristics necessary for the recovery and restoration of bas-reliefs, precious finishes, and pictorial decorations. Specific skills, high professionalism, and continuous updating allow executing top quality works in any type of environment, fully respecting the original works.

  • Plaza Hotel Pescara - work by Trinina srl to designs by Architect Giorgio Baldantoni


  • anteprima villa le maschere

  • cremlin

  • anteprima

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