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Asf  Enterprise   -  “ Toscan Stucchi “ brand presents the project for sale marketing  development  addressed to  large-scale distribution and dedicated in particular  to the self-service market. It is very important to visual merchandising;  in a single activity converge  needs of three distinct and fundamental factors:
the final consumer who decides the purchase and subsequent use  only  from the vision of it on store;
the trade company  that has the need to optimize the available space, which is never enough;
The production company that has to supply an appropriate   project of selected products  for exposition, all that to ensuring itself the visibility, brand awareness  for marketing strategies.
On these points , we have analyzed different problems and than   probably solutions to provide adequate  sale  service for Gypsum Line and Wood Line. This proposal  must been for both the lines like an  example of selection and expositive solutions ‘s  range . Following what just said, we  will define most suitable products  each stores in according to the area and to the customers attitude, after this marketing  research we will think about the choice of  different exposition spaces that could been increase  referring to items and quantities. It is interesting to note that it could be possible to display a total exhibition with both the lines as exclusivity , that has the benefit to have a sole Supplier and so a sole referent, but  that guarantees very favourable sale conditions.

  • Foyer - Wall with Art. Codice and Column Art.2411

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