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The ASF Enterprise brand has always been synonymous with high-quality decorative stuccos and profound knowledge of the art and history of this ancient craft; the research and specific competencies that are the true guarantees offered by the company support consistently excellent results in works in Italy and abroad. The vast product range, from traditional articles to new elements featuring modern design, is constantly evolving to incorporate innovative proposals that reflect research and direct “on-the-ground” experience. Thanks, in fact, to the company workers’ manufacturing and installation experience, new product ideas can develop and generate significant fallout for production, breathing life into new articles, for a constantly expanding range of applications and ever-new interpretations for interior design and furnishings. As they create new and even more stimulating products, the different company departments, staffed by designers and model-makers, technicians and sculptors, constantly compare notes with the sales department, which keeps close watch over market trends.

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